Redefining employer of record & multi country payroll for modern businesses.

With Proemp, organizations have access to an employer of record and payroll solution which makes expansion into newer territories possible. While Proemp facilitates quick hiring of local talent in new territories, it does so while eliminating legal risks. With Proemp, you enable the smooth and swift establishment of your business.

And multi-country payroll delivers a comprehensive payroll, compliance and employee management tailored to your requirements.

Procloz makes business expansion easy with efficient, seamless and quality hiring in the country of your liking.

People-centric fully compliant services

Going beyond the Norm

We offer our customers our additional Adhoc services provide safety and quality assurance including salient benefits such as
Legal advice pertaining to all employment-related issues
A pool of Employee Benefits
Co-working/Remote Office & Virtual Address Set up/ Post Handling
Management and procurement of equipment and tools
Admin Desk for managing administrative day-to-day tasks like Ticket Booking, Visa, etc.
Thorough background checks for fields including legitimacy, legality, drug, etc.

Solution backed by robust technology

Employee onboarding

Our onboarding tool enable you to complete paperwork quickly for more meaningful introductions, collect electronic signatures and easily set up new hires in advance with welcome emails and IT checklists.
Fresh hires don’t have to sift through mountains of paper forms, and HR can check off important onboarding items before the new employee even arrives at the office.

Leave Management

Variety of leave schemes and policies specific to different employee groups
Leave applications through the web portal
Tracking of leave balances and transactions through leave tracker and email notifications and alerts
Get a clear picture of your team’s leave patterns and take better decisions with a managerial view of the team leave data.

Expense Management

Claims for reimbursement that automatically enforce the policy.
Online submissions to ensure efficiency
Payroll data for improved transparency and fewer questions.
Workflows & Help desk for better employee servicing.
Detailed analytics of expense reports having greater visibility into employee spending.

Access to employment pay slips

With our direct-debit feature, you can quickly and easily transfer salaries from within our services to your employees’ bank accounts. Discover the future of salary payments today!
All major banks facilitated with electronic bank-transfer formats
View/download payroll related information
View/download IT related information

Query Management

On the portal, employees have a single point of contact to submit queries on any topic that is relevant to them.
IT, accounting, holidays, and other employee-related questions
It is a single platform where HR administrators can offer solutions
Employee helpdesk to solve grievances and situations quickly

Employment risk evaluation

Procloz also provides an independent contractor compliance and payment service. We provide a free evaluation of your independent contractors and identify worker misclassification risks. Once assured of the legality of your independent contractor, we ensure that the appropriate taxes are paid to the relevant authorities and that fees are paid for your contractors in a timely manner. Get in touch with us today for a free evaluation of your contingent workforce.

Are you working as an independent contractor or freelancer?

Are you worried about your tax liability? Are you sure you are paying tax in a compliant manner?
Are you missing out on employee benefits?
Are you worried about foreign payments, and do you have to spend time explaining them to your bank and government authorities every time you receive them?
Inform your clients about our employer of record solution and refer them to us. We will educate them on a compliant way of employing you and free you of unnecessary tax and compliance worries. You will receive dedicated local HR support, timely salary disbursement in your local currency and 24/7 access to your employment information.