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Employer of record services

Empowering Your Global Workforce

Hire fully-compliant workforce spanning borders without the hassle of setting up a legal entity, thanks to our efficient employer of record services, enabling you to concentrate on your core business.

Helping you build and Expand teams globally

ProEmp is your gateway to redefining workforce strategies through innovative employer of record services solutions. We specialize in simplifying global Onboarding processes, and employing workforce allowing businesses to access top-tier talent worldwide without the complexities of legal entities in each country. Our comprehensive EOR offerings encompass seamless recruitment, benefits administration, office space solutions, IT procurement, and more. With ProEmp, embrace a transformative approach that streamlines legal, administrative, and compliance aspects, empowering you to focus on driving your core operations to new heights.


Simplify Global Hiring with ProEmp

ProEmp facilitates quick hiring of local talent in new territories, without the need of setting up new legal entities. With ProEmp, you enable the smooth and swift expansion of your business without the worry of compliances, onboarding and payroll.

It simplifies global expansion, ensure compliance with local labor laws, reduce risks, and enable rapid workforce scaling for businesses operating internationally.

Bridging Technologies with EOR

Seamlessly connecting innovation and expertise to empower businesses. Our innovative tech solutions enhance efficiency and drive growth, making us your trusted partner.



Seamlessly connect platforms for streamlined operations.


Online Onboarding

Paperless, efficient onboarding through a digital system.


ESS Portal

Access payslips, tax slips, and more through a user-friendly self-service portal.



Generate reports and invoices automatically for enhanced efficiency.

Comprehensive EOR Services: Transforming Your Global Workforce


Are you working as an independent contractor or freelancer?

Feeling tax liability worries? Get peace of mind with professional advice on compliance and employee benefits. Simplify foreign payments explanations to authorities with expert assistance.

  • Are you worried about your tax liability? Are you sure you are paying tax in a compliant manner?
  • Are you missing out on employee benefits?
  • Are you worried about foreign payments, and do you have to spend time explaining them to your bank and government authorities every time you receive them?
Employer of record

Employment Risk evaluation

Procloz also provides an independent contractor compliance and payment service. We provide a free evaluation of your independent contractors and identify worker misclassification risks. Once assured of the legality of your independent contractor, we ensure that the appropriate taxes are paid to the relevant authorities and that fees are paid for your contractors in a timely manner. Get in touch with us today for a free evaluation of your contingent workforce.

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We support your operations by setting up robust processes which ensure a smoother business outcome.

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We support your operations by setting up robust processes which ensure a smoother business outcome.

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