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Elevate your business with cutting-edge business process automation tools, driving operational efficiency, and fostering growth through innovative solutions.


Your trusted partner for smart tech innovation.

At ProTech, we specialize in business process automation tools, believing in the power of technology to make your business operations more efficient and effective. We’ve integrated technology with services because we know it can simplify processes, save time, and ultimately help achieve business goals.

It’s not about automation; it’s about finding innovative ways to improve.

Technology is a fundamental driver of business
transformation, innovation, and growth.

Innovation that Empowers

By weaving technology into our core business offerings, we’ve transformed the way we operate, making us more agile, data-savvy, and client-focused. It’s not just about keeping up with the times; it’s about providing you with the best products for success in today’s tech-driven market.

Explore our comprehensive suite of innovative tools designed to transform business.

Recruitment has
never been Easier

Revolutionise your hiring process. Easily schedule and customise interviews to find the perfect fit.

Schedule and Customize Interviews

Recruiters can easily schedule and customize interviews, choose from a library of enhanced questions, select different difficulty levels, and even tailor the interview to specific skill sets.

Conduct Real-Time Assessments

Real-time screen sharing feature allows interviewers to evaluate candidates' coding abilities in a plagiarism-proof coding environment.

Receive In-Depth Assessment Reports

After the interview, recruiters receive comprehensive assessment reports compiled by the interviewers offering valuable insights into the candidate's performance, including a detailed evaluation of their skills and overall suitability for the role.

Reshaping financial operations
with Billing Automation.

Our Billing Automation Tool, powered by RPA, streamlines billing, ensuring speed, accuracy, and compliance. With 600+ invoices/hour, multitasking, error-free processing, and data compliance, it transforms financial management.
  • Speed and Productivity: Generate over 600 invoices per hour for faster payment processing.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Automatically create PDF invoices, Excel reports, and more.
  • Simultaneous Processing: Multitask while iBPRO handles invoicing in the background.

Ready to Transform?

If you’re ready to empower your business with the force of technology, reach out to us. Let’s embark on a journey to transform your operations and amplify your success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do i sign up for the project?

We support your operations by setting up robust processes which ensure a smoother business outcome.

What thing that i should prepare before starting?

We support your operations by setting up robust processes which ensure a smoother business outcome.

Does my company need help for marketing advices?

We support your operations by setting up robust processes which ensure a smoother business outcome.

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