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Unicorns in a Zebra Stable: How Procloz Stood Out After a Refresh

Unicorns in a Zebra Stable: How Procloz Stood Out After a Refresh

Ok, let’s talk about Procloz

Established in 2016, Procloz is a ServTech company headquartered in Gurugram, India. They leverage a unique blend of services and technology ServTech (Services + Technology) to offer solutions that accelerate organizational growth.

Procloz caters to businesses of all sizes, providing a comprehensive suite of services including HR, IT, shared services, outsourcing, Payroll and Employer of Record (EOR) solutions.

By prioritizing client focus, flexibility, and industry expertise, they aim to build lasting partnerships and provide solutions across various industries. With a strong presence in India and international reach, Procloz strives to optimize costs, improve efficiency, and enhance employee engagement for its clients.

As the ServTech landscape evolved from traditional models to a more modern, tech-savvy environment, Procloz, despite offering top-notch products and services, felt their brand image wasn’t keeping pace. They recognized the need to shed light on their true potential and showcase their innovative spirit in a way that resonated with a wider audience. This realization sparked a desire for a refresh, an opportunity to bridge the gap between their brand and its potential.

Our task was to develop a comprehensive rebranding strategy that would elevate Procloz’s brand perception, attract new customers, and reinforce loyalty among existing ones.

Research and Analysis: Understanding Procloz’s Rebranding Needs


We initiated the rebranding process with an in-depth analysis of Procloz’s current brand perception, market positioning, and competitive landscape. We conducted surveys, interviews, and market research to gather insights from both internal stakeholders and external audiences. Through this process, we identified several key findings:

Evolving Market Landscape:

The ServTech industry is dynamic, with new players and innovative solutions emerging constantly. Procloz felt a need to refresh its brand to stay relevant and competitive in this evolving landscape.

Clarity and Differentiation:

While Procloz positions itself as a ServTech company, the “ServTech” label itself might not be widely understood or hold significant brand recognition. A rebranding effort could help them refine their messaging and differentiate themselves from competitors by clearly communicating their unique value proposition.

Reaching New Audiences:

Procloz has ambitions to expand its reach beyond its current clientele. Rebranding could be a strategic move to attract new market segments and resonate with a broader audience, potentially requiring adjustments in brand language, visuals, or overall positioning.

Modernization and Consistency:

As the company matures, its brand identity might only partially reflect its current capabilities and aspirations. A rebranding exercise could help them modernize their visual identity, messaging, and overall brand experience to ensure consistency across all touchpoints.

Strategy Development: Behind the Scenes of the Rebrand


Based on our research findings, to better reflect who we are and what we offer. Here’s what guided our strategy:

Understanding Our Core: We started by taking a deep dive into what makes Procloz unique. We realized that we’re more than just a company that offers services — we’re a trusted friend, helping businesses navigate the ever-changing world of technology. This understanding became the foundation for our refresh.

Reaching New Heights: We wanted to share our expertise with a wider audience and establish Procloz as a leading voice in the industry. To achieve this, we designed a multi-channel marketing strategy that utilizes both traditional and digital platforms to connect with our target audience.

A Fresh Look, Same Great Us: To visually represent our growth and resonate with modern audiences, we carefully updated our brand identity. This included refreshing our logo, color scheme, and website design, while still maintaining the core elements that represent Procloz.

Implementation: Putting the “Re” in Reality, From Sketch to Shelf


With the strategy finalized, we began the implementation phase:

Brand Identity Refresh: We gave our brand a bit of a refresh! While listening to our senior leadership team, who felt strongly about keeping the core shape of our logo, we worked together to explore new colors that better reflect our growth and progress. We also decided to make our “P” icon a bigger star — you’ll see it more prominently in our materials, making it easier to recognize us anywhere.

The chosen colours for the new branding, including deep blues and silver, project innovation, power, and sophistication in the AI/Tech. Neutrality and trust are emphasised through the incorporation of greys and whites, symbolising excellence and reliability. The use of the Satoshi Variable font complements these attributes, exuding a modern and intelligent personality, aligning with the brand’s commitment to tech-savvy excellence.

Website Makeover: We also revamped our website to make it easier to navigate and understand. It’s now more user-friendly and showcases our services and story even clearer. This way, you can find what you need quickly and get to know Procloz even better.

Sharing Our Expertise: To show you what we know best, we created interesting content like articles, case studies, and reports. These share our knowledge and experience in the industry, making us a trusted source for valuable insights. You’ll find this content on our website, social media, and even in industry publications.

Spreading the Word: We wanted everyone to know about our brand refresh, so we talked to journalists and even participated in conferences and events. This helped us reach a wider audience and share the exciting things happening at Procloz.

Empowering Our Team: We believe our employees are our biggest brand ambassadors. That’s why we held workshops and training sessions to help them understand and share the new brand identity with everyone they meet. This way, you’ll experience a consistent and clear Procloz experience, no matter who you interact with.

Mission Accomplished: High Fives All Around!


The Verdict is In: Our brand refresh was a smash hit! More people know who we are, we stand out from the crowd like a unicorn in a stable full of zebras, and our audience is engaged like nobody’s business (well, except for maybe those folks glued to their phones all day).

Not only that, but:

  • Our team thinks we look sharp (and let’s be honest, looking good is important!).
  • Our customers love our new website — it’s so easy to use, they might even finally understand their teenagers’ social media habits.
  • We’re feeling pretty proud of ourselves, and we’re not afraid to admit it!

So, what’s next? Well, we’re not resting on our laurels (those things can get pretty uncomfortable). We’re excited to keep evolving, growing, and helping businesses navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Think of us as your trusty sidekick in the wild world of technology! ‍

This brand refresh is just the beginning of Procloz’s next chapter, and we’re ready to write an epic story! Buckle up, everyone, it’s gonna be a wild ride!

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By Robbin Roy

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