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Procloz specializes in providing workforce management tools – facilitating business expansion by sourcing and hiring the best talent regardless of their global location.


Employed Workforce

Redefining employer of record & multi-country payroll for modern businesses.

With ProEmp’s workforce management tools, organisations gain access to an Employer of Record and payroll solution, enabling seamless expansion into new territories. ProEmp facilitates rapid hiring of local talent while mitigating legal risks, ensuring the smooth and swift establishment of your business.


Expand your workforce through our fully compliant EOR Solutions


Manage your workforce through our multi-country Payroll


Tailored Solutions for Your Needs. Choose Your Path to Streamlined Success.

Discover our comprehensive suite of services available under ProEmp. Whether you’re looking for Employer of Record expertise or streamlined Payroll solutions, we’ve got you covered. Select the service that aligns with your business needs and experience efficiency like never before.

Employer of Record

Effortlessly build a compliant global workforce without the burden of establishing legal entities, allowing you to dedicate your attention to your core business activities.


We provide precise calculations, ensure punctual payments, and simplify compliance, all designed to create a seamless and hassle-free payroll experience for your organisation.


More than 07
years of experience

3000+ our clients are insured around the World





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