Employment risk evaluation

Procloz also provides an independent contractor compliance and payment service. We provide a free evaluation of your independent contractors and identify worker misclassification risks. Once assured of the legality of your independent contractor, we ensure that the appropriate taxes are paid to the relevant authorities and that fees are paid for your contractors in a timely manner. Get in touch with us today for a free evaluation of your contingent workforce.

Are you working as an independent contractor or freelancer?

Are you worried about your tax liability? Are you sure you are paying tax in a compliant manner?

Are you missing out on employee benefits?

Are you worried about foreign payments, and do you have to spend time explaining them to your bank and government authorities every time you receive them?

Inform your clients about our employer of record solution and refer them to us. We will educate them on a compliant way of employing you and free you of unnecessary tax and compliance worries. You will receive dedicated local HR support, timely salary disbursement in your local currency and 24/7 access to your employment information.